Minimoto Bikes

Minimoto Bikes

Any future super motor bike stars would get just the start they need on one of the incredible Blata minimoto bikes. These robust two-stroke air cooled mini bikes are capable of speeds in excess of 35mph @ around 11,000rpm. With an overall height of 530mm and length of less than 1m, these Blata minimoto bikes provide the maximum thrill from the minimum outlay.

Minimoto racing is becoming as popular here in the UK as it is in the US. More and more you see Minimoto bikes racing on tracks around the UK. These unleaded petrol fuelled mini versions of the real racing motor bikes are a true feat of engineering.

Technical specifications vary between the minimoto models but most come with a two stroke engine with an approximate 40cc cylinder producing an output of over 3 HP. These minimotos are fast! Up to 38mph maximum speed allows for some serious racing with these Blata minimoto bikes.

NEW! The all new Blata 4.2 Hp!
The most popular Blata Minimoto models are now available with a 4.2 Hp engine too for just £795.00!. The 4.2’s feature Full Race Fairing, Cro-mo Tubular R Frame, 6.5” Impact Resistant Alloy Wheels, Italian PMT Race Tyres, Blata Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine, SHA 14-14 Delorto Carburetor, Adjustable Foot Pegs, Race Ready (Reverse Swept) Performance Pipe and a Blata Branded Performance Air Filter (K&N; Style).

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Watch the official Blata Mini Moto Video! (Windows Media Player WMV file)

Blata Mini Moto 3.4HP
Blata Mini Moto 4.2HP
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